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I grew up in a hardworking town in a neighborhood of modest homes on a grid

of small alleys with a group of friends I consider brothers and sisters. What we lacked in material possessions, we made up for in spirit. We found strength in numbers. Our power was our bond. 


In the midst of the alleys one stood out as the center of our world, Dock Lane. Here we always gathered; we celebrated; we fought; we played; we dreamed of our futures; we grew up. We became unbreakable. 


When we were young, we were told by folks that we were crazy for dreaming big. That it was futile to imagine a life beyond the tiny lane, past the STOP sign at the end of the alley and small-town Pennsylvania in the distance. That the lives we imagined were destined for others, not for us. 


But I would force myself to dream, of oceans and beaches and mountains and sunsets and orange sky. To believe that there was a world waiting for me to uncover; that the opportunity to achieve greatness existed, even if I was a long shot. 


From that dream, Dock Lane Advisors is born. 


My passion is helping great people do big things. I have been fortunate in my career to experience many successes in sports marketing alongside people I consider true friends, as close as brothers and sisters. Dock Lane Advisors will do just that: succeed with friends. The power will always be in the unbreakable bond, formed by loyalty and trust. The dream will always be alive.


Dock Lane will always be home. 


Bill Hudock 


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